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Hosted by Tammie & Ben Haché
Ontario, Canada

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Photo credits: Northern Shrike by Bob Martinka/Macaulay Library; Western Meadowlark by Susan Disher/Macaulay Library; Mallard by Liron Girtsman/Macaulay Library; Brown Thrasher by Nathan Dubrow/Macaulay Library; European Starling by Dan Vickers/Macaulay Library; Common Grackle by T I/Macaulay Library; Yellow-rumped Warbler by Ryan Schain/Macaulay Library; White-winged Crossbill by Brian Calk/Macaulay Library; Red Crossbill by Christoph Moning/Macaulay Library; American Goldfinch by Adam Jackson/Macaulay Library; Common Raven by Brian Sullivan/Macaulay Library; American Crow by Henry Burton/Macaulay Library; Dark-eyed Junco by Scott Martin/Macaulay Library; Red-breasted Nuthatch by Scott Martin/Macaulay Library; Blue Jay by belemare celine/Macaulay Library; Purple Finch by Wendy Hogan/Macaulay Library; Pine Siskin by Douglas Faulder/Macaulay Library; Common Redpoll by Eric Gofreed/Macaulay Library; Hoary Redpoll by Skye Haas/Macaulay Library; Pine Grosbeak by Christoph Moning/Macaulay Library; Evening Grosbeak by bellemare celine/Macaulay Library; Hairy Woodpecker by Nate Brown/Macaulay Library; Downy Woodpecker by Evan Lipton/Macaulay Library; Black-capped Chickadee by Scott Martin/Macaulay Library; Canada Jay by Vitalii Khustochka/Macaulay Library; Ruffed Grouse by Alix d'Entremont/Macaulay Library

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