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Panama Fruit Feeders

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Clay-colored Thrush by Larry Therrien/Macaulay Library; Thick-billed Euphonia by Dorian Anderson/Macaulay Library; Chestnut-headed Oropendola by Carlos Sanchez/Macaulay Library; Gray-headed Chachalaca by Robbin Mallett/Macaulay Library; Rufous Motmot by Daniel Irons/Macaulay Library; Gray-cowled Wood-Rail by Marco Valentini/Macaulay Library; Crimson-backed Tanager by Rolando Jordan/Macaulay Library; Collared Aracari by David Hollie/Macaulay Library; Flame-rumped Tanager by Christian Nunes/Macaulay Library; Blue-gray Tanager by Christian Nunes/Macaulay Library; Buff-throated Saltator by Fernando Burgalin Sequeria/Macaulay Library; Red-crowned Woodpecker by Neil Diaz/Macaulay Library; Spot-crowned Barbet by Howard Patterson/Macaulay Library; Snowy-bellied Hummingbird by Bradley Hacker/Macaulay Library; White-vented Plumeleteer by Horacio Luna/Macaulay Library; Rufous-tailed Hummingbird by Luke Berg/Macaulay Library; Black-chested Jay by Neil Diaz/Macaulay Library; Tennessee Warbler by Maurice Raymond/Macaulay Library; Green Honeycreeper by Karl Overman/Macaulay Library; Red-legged Honeycreeper by Tal Pipkin/Macaulay Library; Bananaquit by Marcos Eugênio/Macaulay Library; Baltimore Oriole by Holly Bartholmai/Macaulay Library; Orange-billed Sparrow by Doug Beach/Macaulay Library; Streaked Saltator by Alain Sylvain/Macaulay Library; Black-headed Saltator by Guillermo Saborío Vega/Macaulay Library; Fulvous-vented Euphonia by Zak Pohlen/Macaulay Library; Tawny-capped Euphonia by Zak Pohlen/Macaulay Library; Silver-throated Tanager by Paul Koker/Macaulay Library; Red-crowned Ant-Tanager by Laura Keene/Macaulay Library; White-lined Tanager by Fernando Burgalin Sequeria/Macaulay Library; Golden-hooded Tanager by Tal Pipkin/Macaulay Library; Bay-headed Tanager by Blair Dudeck/Macaulay Library; Tawny-crested Tanager by Fernando Burgalin Sequeria/Macaulay Library; Palm Tanager by Juan Sebastian Moreno/Macaulay Library; Dusky-faced Tanager by Andres Vasquez/Macaulay Library; Variable Seedeater by Bradley Hacker/Macaulay Library; Long-billed Hermit by Seth Inman/Macaulay Library; Stripe-throated Hermit by Fernando Burgalin Sequeria/Macaulay Library; Green Hermit by Fernando Burgalin Sequeria/Macaulay Library; Crowned Woodnymph by Jeff Maw/Macaulay Library; Shiny Cowbird by Brian Sullivan/Macaulay Library; Yellow-billed Cacique by Fernando Burgalin Sequeria/Macaulay Library; Cocoa Woodcreeper by Matthew Grube/Macaulay Library; House Wren by Andy Witchger/Macaulay Library; Bay Wren by Nick Athanas/Macaulay Library; Rufous-and-white Wren by Curt Jacoby/Macaulay Library; Barred Antshrike by Caio Brito/Macaulay Library; Lesser Elaenia by Karl Overman/Macaulay Library; Yellow-bellied Elaenia by Jorge Eduardo Ruano/Macaulay Library; Common Tody-Flycatcher by Luke Berg/Macaulay Library; Ochre-bellied Flycatcher by Roger Ahlman/Macaulay Library; Social Flycatcher by Tim Lenz/Macaulay Library; Chestnut-sided Warbler by Keenan Yakola/Macaulay Library; Chestnut-capped Warbler by Sam Wilson/Macaulay Library; Buff-rumped Warbler by David Ascanio/Macaulay Library; Black-striped Sparrow by Brent Bomkamp/Macaulay Library; White-tipped Dove by Jay McGowan/Macaulay Library; Ruddy Ground Dove by Matthew Grube/Macaulay Library; Summer Tanager by Alex Burdo/Macaulay Library; Swainson's Thrush by Terence Zahner/Macaulay Library; Olive-striped Flycatcher by Edwin Munera/Macaulay Library; Prothonotary Warbler by Alix d'Entremont/Macaulay Library; Mourning Warbler by David Turgeon/Macaulay Library; Canada Warbler by David Turgeon/Macaulay Library; Yellow Warbler by Ryan Schain/Macaulay Library; Dusky-capped Flycatcher by Blair Bernson/Macaulay Library; Louisiana Waterthrush by Derek Rogers/Macaulay Library; Hooded Warbler by Evan Lipton/Macaulay Library; Tropical Kingbird by Brendan Klick/Macaulay Library; Keel-billed Toucan by John Van Dort/Macaulay Library; Bay-breasted Warbler by Keenan Yakola/Macaulay Library; Mottled Owl by Jon Irvine/Macaulay Library; Crested Oropendola by David Irving/Macaulay Library; Fasciated Antshrike by Andrew Spencer/Macaulay Library; Yellow-headed Caracara by Mark Schulist/Macaulay Library

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Pileated Woodpecker by Lin McGrew / Macaulay Library