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Western Meadowlark Identification

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The Four Keys to ID

  • Size & Shape

    The Western Meadowlark is the size of a robin but chunkier and shorter-tailed, with a flat head, long, slender bill, and a round-shouldered posture that nearly conceals its neck. The wings are rounded and short for the bird’s size and the tail is short, stiff, and spiky.

    Relative Size

    About the size of an American Robin, but with a shorter tail.

    Relative Sizerobin sizedrobin-sized

    • Both Sexes
      • Length: 6.3-10.2 in (16-26 cm)
      • Weight: 3.1-4.1 oz (89-115 g)
      • Wingspan: 16.1 in (41 cm)