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Daily Cam Updates Now Available On Mastodon

Bird Cams is excited to announce a new way for our viewers to keep up with the daily happenings on their favorite cams! We’re launching new social media accounts for our each of our live cams on Mastodon—an open-source social media platform that allows our content to be viewed by everyone.

The cams’ Mastodon accounts will repost the same fun, educational content and updates that many of our viewers have been accustomed to following on X (formerly Twitter). However, due to recent visibility restrictions on the X platform, we’re using Mastodon to provide accessible news and updates from each of our cams to all of our viewers, whether they’re currently a part of a social network or not.

Image showing where to access Live Updates from Mastodon on the Bird Cams website.
Click the “Updates” button above the live stream to view publicly accessible updates from Bird Cams X accounts mirrored on Mastodon.

Still want to get your news on X? You can! We’re continuing to serve our vibrant community of followers on X, just as we have since the Bird Cams project launched back in 2012. Our presence on Mastodon simply enables us to repost these updates to the members of our community who want to access Bird Cams content without having to sign up for an X account.

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Pileated Woodpecker by Lin McGrew / Macaulay Library