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Winter Finches Flock To Ontario FeederWatch Cam

Watch four species of winter finches snack on seeds on the Ontario FeederWatch Cam.

Common Redpolls, Evening Grosbeaks, Pine Grosbeaks, and Pine Siskins all visit the Ontario FeederWatch cam to dine on the offerings set out by our cam host Tammie Haché.

Did you know that all four of these winter finch species are irruptive migrants? In certain years, these birds are known to travel south beyond the reaches of their normal wintering ranges. These ‘irruptions’ are inconsistent and thought to be driven by low food supplies in northern forests.

If you’re interested in learning whether these winter wanderers might irrupt to an area near you, be sure to check out the Finch Research Network’s annual Winter Finch Forecast. There’s also a few hot spots in eastern and midwestern U.S. where birders can get their winter-finch fix—even in a non-irruption year.

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Pileated Woodpecker by Lin McGrew / Macaulay Library