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Photo credits: Rufous Hummingbird by Spencer Follett/Macaulay Library; Ruby-throated Hummingbird by Ian Davies/Macaulay Library; Black-chinned Hummingbird by Bill Maynard/Macaulay Library; Broad-tailed Hummingbird by Jim Merritt/Macaulay Library; Calliope Hummingbird by Marya Moosman/Macaulay Library; Lucifer Hummingbird by Thomas Dorazio/Macaulay Library; Rivoli's Hummingbird by Jason Vassallo/Macaulay Library; White-eared Hummingbird by Dorian Anderson/Macaulay Library; Mexican Violetear by Carlos Funes/Macaulay Library; Allen's Hummingbird by Robert Hamilton/Macaulay Library; Anna's Hummingbird by Kyle Blaney/Macaulay Library; Blue-throated Mountain-gem by Graham Gerdeman/Macaulay Library;Broad-billed Hummingbird by Ryan Sanderson/Macaulay Library; Amethyst-throated Mountain-gem by Maria Jose Lou/Macaulay Library; Acorn Woodpecker by Brian Sullivan/Macaulay Library; Black-crested Titmouse by Malcolm Benn/AAB; Black-headed Grosbeak by Eric Ellingson/Macaulay Library; Rose-breasted Grosbeak by Deborah Bifulco/Macaulay Library; Bullock’s Oriole by Gregory Lis/Macaulay Library; Bushtit by James Cummins/Macaulay Library; Canyon Towhee by Jeffrey Moore/Macaulay Library; Canyon Wren by Nancy Christensen/Macaulay Library; Chipping Sparrow by Evan Lipton/Macaulay Library; Dark-eyed Junco by Scott Martin/Macaulay Library; Ladder-backed Woodpecker by Edward Plumer/Macaulay Library; Lesser Goldfinch by Bryan Hix/Macaulay Library; Pine Siskin by Douglas Faulder/Macaulay Library; Ruby-crowned Kinglet by Paul Jacyk/Macaulay Library; Scott’s Oriole by Ned Harris/Macaulay Library; Western Tanager by Simon Boivin/Macaulay Library; White-breasted Nuthatch by Ryan Schain/Macaulay Library; White-winged Dove by Christoph Moning/Macaulay Library; Wild Turkey by Petra DeBruine/Macaulay Library; Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay by Chris Wood/Macaulay Library; Northern Flicker by Matt Davis/Macaulay Library; Summer Tanager by Alex Burdo/Macaulay Library; Northern Mockingbird by Jay McGowan/Macaulay Library; Hutton’s Vireo by Scott Olmstead/Macaulay Library; House Finch by Suzanne Labbé/Macaulay Library; Hepatic Tanager by Aaron Marshall/Macaulay Library; Bewick’s Wren by DigiBirdTrekCA/Macaulay Library; Yellow-bellied Sapsucker by Margaret Dunson/Macaulay Library; Western Kingbird by Gerrit Vyn/Macaulay Library

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