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West Texas Feeder Cam Retiring In October 2023

West Texas Feeder Cam site

It’s the end of an era for Bird Cams. At the end of October, the West Texas Feeder Cam site located in the Davis Mountains will shut down permanently.

Our incredible cam partners reached out to us to share that they need to step away from hosting the cam, and they thanked us for the years of fun that the cam has brought everyone. 

The West Texas Feeder Cam has hosted more than a dozen species of hummingbirds (and many other visitors from the Davis Mountains) at the Perky-Pet feeders since 2015. While we’ll miss watching the sun rise and the hummingbirds hum, we’re thankful for our hosts’ years of effort keeping the feeders on display, clean and filled, for our viewing audience.

Rest assured that Bird Cams staff is currently in the process of identifying new partners and a new site to continue streaming hummingbirds live on cam, and we’ll update the cam community as things coalesce. We are committed to including a hummingbird cam as part of our portfolio, but it takes time to scout and identify a long-term solution, which is what we’re aiming to provide. 

We’ve shared some of our favorite moments from the cam over the years in the playlist of videos below, and you can view all of the highlights on the Bird Cams YouTube channel. We would love to read and see YOUR highlights and memories of what you’ve enjoyed over the last 8 years on social media or in the comments below, which we will share with our cam hosts.

Thanks so much for watching and learning with us! Stay tuned for what comes next on the Bird Cams Facebook page and on X/Twitter @BirdCams.

Enjoy these top moments from the West Texas Feeder Cam.

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Pileated Woodpecker by Lin McGrew / Macaulay Library