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Living Bird Summer 2022—Table of Contents

a yellow and black meadowlark sings in a yellow-brown field
Eastern Meadowlark by Ray Hennessy.

Feature Articles

  • a small black and yellowish songbird perches on dry stalks
    Neonic Nation: Is Widespread Pesticide Use Connected to Grassland Bird Declines?

    Neonicotinoids are America’s most used class of pesticides, found in the vast majority of the nation’s corn crop and nearly half of soybeans. Given such pervasive use, their effects on songbirds—impacting critical functions like metabolism, reproduction, and migration—are troubling.

    By Scott Weidensaul
  • a volcanic island with a grassy meadow among lava plains, with ocean waves crashing against cliffs
    Garden of the Gulls

    Now just shy of 60 years old, the new island of Surtsey, off Iceland, holds clues to a fundamental mystery: What did the Earth look like when it was just born? How does life colonize bare rock?

    Photography by Chris Linder; Story by Hugh Powell
  • nature journals
    Nature Journaling and Sketching: Tips for Birders

    Incorporating a little sketching can enhance your birding experience—and make you a more observant birder, too.

    Story and Illustrations by Liz Clayton Fuller
  • close-up of a bobwhite quail singing its song
    Everybody Likes Bobwhite. Is That Enough to Save Them?

    Hunters, birders, everybody seems to like Northern Bobwhite. And that’s a good thing, because a team effort will be needed to restore quail populations across the South, Midwest, and East.

    By Greg Breining

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American Kestrel by Blair Dudeck / Macaulay Library

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