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    Rusty Blackbird

    ID Info
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    Rusty Blackbird

    Euphagus carolinus
    • ORDER: Passeriformes
    • FAMILY: Icteridae
    Basic Description

    Rusty Blackbird is one of North America’s most rapidly declining species. The population has plunged an estimated 85-99 percent over the past forty years and scientists are completely puzzled as to what is the cause. They are relatively uncommon denizens of wooded swamps, breeding in the boreal forest and wintering in the eastern U.S. In winter, they travel in small flocks and are identified by their distinctive rusty featheredges and pallid yellow eyes.

    More ID Info
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    Other Names
    • Tordo Canadiense (Spanish)
    • Quiscale rouilleux (French)
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