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    Florida Scrub-Jay Life History


    Habitat ScrubRestricted to Florida oak scrub and scrubby flatwoods found on prehistoric and current sand dunes. Found in scrub with patches of open sand and an open tree canopy. Disappears without periodic burning of habitat.Back to top


    Food OmnivoreArthropods, acorns, and small vertebrates.Back to top


    Nest Placement

    Nest Tree

    Nest Description

    Nest an open cup of twigs, lined with thick lining of palmetto fibers or rootlets. Nest placed in low dense shrub.

    Nesting Facts
    Clutch Size:1-6 eggs
    Egg Description:Greenish with brownish spots concentrated near large end.
    Condition at Hatching:Naked and helpless.
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    Behavior Ground ForagerGleans insects from trees, shrubs, and ground. Harvests and hides (caches) thousands of acorns and other nuts. Holds food under feet to peck at it.Back to top


    Conservation Red Watch ListFlorida Scrub-Jay is a declining species. Partners in Flight estimates a global breeding population of 10,000 with 100% living in the U.S. The species rates a 20 out of 20 on the Continental Concern Score. Florida Scrub-Jay is on the 2016 State of North America's Birds' Watch List, which includes bird species that are most at risk of extinction without significant conservation actions to reverse declines and reduce threats. The species is also a Tri-National Concern Species, and a U.S.-Canada Stewardship species. It is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, and is federally listed as threatened in the U.S. Declines are due to severe habitat restriction in rare habitat caused by land development. Fire suppression makes habitat unsuitable. Back to top


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