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Silhouette VerdinsVerdins


Auriparus flaviceps
  • ORDER: Passeriformes
  • FAMILY: Remizidae
Basic Description

In the heat of desert arroyos and scrublands, tiny grayish Verdins flash bright colors—a yellow head and chestnut shoulder patch. More slender and small-headed than a chickadee, these restless birds comb the foliage of trees for insects and spiders, sometimes hanging upside down to investigate hard-to-reach places. They supplement their insect diet with fruits and even nectar, which they may sip from hummingbird feeders. Verdins build unusual spherical nests, often making several per year and using them for roosting throughout the year.

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Find This Bird

This bird of hot, dry country is active during the early morning and often becomes quiet and still in the heat of midday. Verdins’ pale plumage often blends well with its arid, pale surroundings, so knowing its song and calls will help you zero in on these tiny birds.

Other Names
  • Pájaro Moscón Baloncito (Spanish)
  • Auripare verdin (French)

Backyard Tips

Verdins sometimes visit hummingbird feeders and flowering shrubs.

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