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Spotted Owl

Silhouette OwlsOwls
Spotted OwlStrix occidentalis
  • ORDER: Strigiformes
  • FAMILY: Strigidae

Basic Description

In the 1990s the Spotted Owl was catapulted into the spotlight over logging debates in the Pacific Northwest. This large, brown-eyed owl lives in mature forests of the West, from the giant old growth of British Columbia and Washington, to California's oak woodlands and the steep canyons of the Southwest. At night it silently hunts small mammals such as woodrats and flying squirrels. Despite federal protection beginning in 1990, the owl is still declining in the Northwest owing to habitat loss, fragmentation, and competition with Barred Owls.

More ID Info
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Range map provided by Birds of the World
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Find This Bird

Spotted Owls are rare and difficult to find. Like most nocturnal owls, your best bet is to find appropriate habitat (which differs among the three subspecies), and then patiently listen for their hooting calls during the night.

Other Names

  • Cárabo Californiano (Spanish)
  • Chouette tachetée (French)
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