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    Peregrine Falcon Identification

    The Four Keys to ID

    • Size & Shape

      Peregrine Falcons are the largest falcon over most of the continent, with long, pointed wings and a long tail. Be sure to look at shape as well as size—long primary feathers give the Peregrine a long-winged shape. As with most raptors, males are smaller than females, so Peregrines can overlap with large female Merlins or small male Gyrfalcons.

      Relative Size

      Relative Sizecrow sizedcrow-sized
      • Both Sexes
        • Length: 14.2-19.3 in (36-49 cm)
        • Weight: 18.7-56.4 oz (530-1600 g)
        • Wingspan: 39.4-43.3 in (100-110 cm)