Williamson's Sapsucker Identification

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Adult Description

  • Medium-sized woodpecker.
  • White rump.
  • Yellow belly.
  • Male boldly marked black and white, with red throat .
  • Female with brown head and barred black and white all over.

Male Description

Upperparts, head, and breast iridescent black. White stripe up side. Rump white. Eyestripe and mustache stripe white. Throat red. Belly yellow. Tail all black.

Female Description

Head brownish with obscure mustache striping. Upperparts, wings, and flanks heavily barred with white, brown, and black. No large white patch in wings. Breast partly black. Rump white. Belly yellow. Tail black with black-and-white barring in middle.

Immature Description

Juvenile similar to adult, but male with white throat and nape, female without black on breast.
Relative Size

Relative Sizerobin sizedrobin-sized
  • Both Sexes
    • Length: 8.3-9.8 in (21-25 cm)
    • Weight: 1.6-1.9 oz (44-55 g)