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    Stilt Sandpiper Life History


    Habitat MarshesBreeds in sedge tundra near water, often near wooded borders of the taiga. On migration and in winter found along mudflats, flooded fields, shallow ponds and pools, and marshes.Back to top


    Nest Placement

    Nest Ground

    Nesting Facts
    Clutch Size:2-5 eggs
    Condition at Hatching:Active and covered with down.
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    Conservation Low ConcernThere is little information on Stilt Sandpiper population trends. A 2012 study notes that counts have been variable, but estimates a North American population of 1.2 million birds. Numbers may be stable to declining. The species is not on the 2014 State of the Birds Watch List. An overpopulation of Snow Geese on the tundra may cause degradation of the Stilt Sandpiper's breeding environment.Back to top


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