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    American Woodcock

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    American Woodcock

    Scolopax minor
    • ORDER: Charadriiformes
    • FAMILY: Scolopacidae
    Basic Description

    Superbly camouflaged against the leaf litter, the brown-mottled American Woodcock walks slowly along the forest floor, probing the soil with its long bill in search of earthworms. Unlike its coastal relatives, this plump little shorebird lives in young forests and shrubby old fields across eastern North America. Its cryptic plumage and low-profile behavior make it hard to find except in the springtime at dawn or dusk, when the males show off for females by giving loud, nasal peent calls and performing dazzling aerial displays.

    More ID Info
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    Other Names
    • Chocha del Este (Spanish)
    • Bécasse d'Amérique (French)
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