Ivory Gull Identification

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Adult Description

  • Medium-sized gull.
  • Pure white.
  • Black eyes.
  • Black legs and feet.
  • Small bill bluish at base, turning grayish green, with yellow or red tip.

Immature Description

First Winter (Basic I) Plumage: Mostly white, with dark blackish brown face. Back covered in blackish brown spots. Tail tip and tips of flight feathers black. Bill all dark.
First Summer (Alternate II) Plumage: Mostly white, with fewer dark spots, less blackish on face.
Relative Size

Relative Sizebetween crow and goosebetween crow and goose
  • Both Sexes
    • Length: 15.8-16.9 in (40-43 cm)
    • Weight: 15.8-24.2 oz (448-687 g)
    • Wingspan: 42.5-47.2 in (108-120 cm)