Brown Booby

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Brown Booby

Sula leucogaster
  • ORDER: Suliformes
  • FAMILY: Sulidae
Basic Description

Found in tropical oceans around the world, the Brown Booby is a dashing seabird—both in plumage, a natty brown-and-white (with bright yellow feet) and in flight style, which involves swift aerial maneuvers and deft dives. Brown Boobies do not nest on the United States mainland but often visit waters off Florida or California. They occasionally stray as far north as Canada, and sometimes well inland. Like most seabirds that nest on islands, Brown Boobies are very vulnerable to introduced predators such as rats, mice, and cats.

More ID Info
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Find This Bird

Brown Boobies are common in the Caribbean but scarce in the United States away from Puerto Rico. That means almost any Brown Booby you’ll see in the U.S. or Canada will be a rarity. Look for them sitting on channel markers, buoys, or rock jetties on their own or with other seabirds. Their very long, narrow wings and steep dives make them distinctive in the air, although they can resemble the much larger Northern Gannet.

Other Names
  • Piquero Pardo (Spanish)
  • Fou brun (French)
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