Black-crowned Night Heron Identification

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The Four Keys to ID

  • Size & Shape

    Black-crowned Night Herons are small herons with rather squat, thick proportions. They have thick necks, large, flat heads, and heavy, pointed bills. The legs are short and, in flight, barely reach the end of the tail. The wings are broad and rounded.

    Relative Size

    Larger than a Green Heron; smaller and thicker-bodied than a Great Egret.

    Relative Sizebetween crow and goosebetween crow and goose
    • Both Sexes
      • Length: 22.8-26.0 in (58-66 cm)
      • Weight: 25.6-35.8 oz (727-1014 g)
      • Wingspan: 45.3-46.5 in (115-118 cm)

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