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Mexican Jay


IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern

A bird of the Mexican mountains, the Mexican Jay lives in the oak woodlands of western Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It lives in social groups that may include multiple breeding pairs, and group members may feed young at multiple nests within the group territory.

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Crows and Jays
Crows and Jays
Typical Voice

Adult Description

  • Large songbird.
  • Blue head, wings, and tail.
  • Grayish blue back.
  • Dingy white underparts.
  • Long tail.

Immature Description

Juvenile all dull gray, with pale bill. Immature similar to adult, but may retain pale patches at base of bill and gape for several years.

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Mexican Jay Range Map
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Similar Species

  • Western Scrub-Jay has grayish brown back, a blue necklace across the chest, and a white line over the eye.
  • Pinyon Jay has a short tail, a blue chest, and a long, pointed bill.