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Watch Our 2013 Parade of Students [video]

By Hugh Powell

(Featured in the video: Katherine Lauck, Andy Johnson, Nancy Chen, Sahas Barve, Holly Lutz, Julian Kapoor, Dr. Emma Greig, Dr. Irby Lovette, Evan Barrientos, Shailee Shah, Hope Batcheller.)

There’s a lot of incredible student research happening at the Cornell Lab. The video above is just a teaser—we used it to kick off our 2013 Parade of Students—and it captures the great experiences available to students here, as well as the imagination and drive of the students that take those opportunities and run with them. We think you’ll find it inspiring.

When we showed this video to our Board of Directors last Friday, it led straight into our 2013 Parade of Students. Fifty-four undergraduate and graduate students came onstage, one by one, to present their research. Each student had about one minute and exactly one Powerpoint slide—a breakneck tour through student research here at the Cornell Lab. The whole thing took just under 80 minutes.

Our administrative board always looks forward to the Parade of Students (we do them every other year; the last one was in 2011). We hope you can see why when you watch the archived video. Suddenly you’re in a world full of questions that need to be answered, systems that need to be explored, and places that need to be savored, and perhaps saved. And these 54 students represent only about one-third of all the student work going on at the Cornell Lab.

If you’re a friend, family member, or colleague of a particular student, you may want to skip straight to them. To help you out, we’ve compiled an index below the video (alphabetized by last name). Just look up the student and then scroll directly to the listed time point to find them.

We join this video as Dr. Irby Lovette is introducing the Parade of Students, just after the audience has watched the video at the top of this post:

Index to Students

Student Start Time
Benlin Alexander 14:40
Andrea Alfano 20:17
Daniel Baldassarre 21:14
Benjamin Barkley 22:38
Sahas Barve 1:22:32
Amos Belmaker 25:30
Ruth Bennett 26:19
Jacob Berv 17:02
Laura Bhola 34:52
Aaron Bholé 40:33
Victor Biguma 29:18
Rebecca Brunner 30:01
Nancy Chen 31:50
Esther Cline 27:24
Petra Deane-Coe 41:40
Mary Margaret Ferraro 23:40
Anna Forsman 33:21
Benjamin Freeman 37:44
Gemara Gifford 28:57
Lindsay Glasner 43:43
Natalie Gonzalez 12:03
Sara Gonzalez 44:47
Kathryn Grabenstein 17:43
Eric Gulson 19:10
Kelly Hallinger 46:03
Taylor Heaton Crisologo 16:00
Dominique Hellmich 47:25
Meghan Hilbert 36:33
Justine Lee Hirten 49:01
Jack Hruska 50:13
Andy Johnson 54:03
Yula Kapetanakos 51:38
Julian Kapoor 13:13
Josh LaPergola 55:45
Katherine Lauck 57:56
Emma Martone 59:38
Nick Mason 1:04:31
Michelle Moglia 1:23:42
Zephyr Mohr-Felsen 1:05:46
Mickey Pardo 1:08:03
Teresa Pegan 1:06:55
Justin Proctor 1:11:44
Luke Seitz 1:09:20
Shailee Shah 1:10:31
Camille Shaw 1:13:09
Ryan Shipley 1:14:09
Eric Sibbald 1:15:29
Maria Smith 1:01:23
Kimberly Snyder 1:18:18
Rose Swift 1:19:32
Benjamin Van Doren 1:21:30
David Weber 1:02:30
Joseph Welkin 1:20:33
Hyun Seok “Honeysuckle” Yoon 1:16:43
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