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Warbler Greatest Hits Now Available!

Warbler song download from Macaulay Library
Cape May Warbler painting by George M. Sutton, courtesy William C. Dilger.

Spring is in full swing and warblers are returning all over the country—here in the Northeast the hollows ring with Louisiana Waterthrushes and Pine Warblers trill through the hills. It’s now or never to brush up on your warbler songs, and the Macaulay Library is here to help.

They’ve digitally re-released all 57 species and 311 recordings in their comprehensive guide The Songs of the Warblers of North America. These recordings were first released on LP in 1985, but they’re now available in mp3 format (for better portability and fewer worries about record scratches).

Go to the Macaulay Library’s warbler page to hear samples—Black-throated Green, Chestnut-sided, Lucy’s, and a few others. You can also download and browse through the recording booklet, and then buy the collection if you want ($14.99, or about a nickel per song), all from the same page.

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American Kestrel by Blair Dudeck / Macaulay Library