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Thank You for Being Part of Year of the Bird in 2018

Thank you for coming along with the Cornell Lab during 2018, the Year of the Bird.

In honor of the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, we collaborated with Audubon, BirdLife International, and National Geographic to celebrate birds all year long during 2018, dubbing it the Year of the Bird. We asked people to take a simple pledge: to do one action per month to help birds. And to help spark ideas into action, we developed monthly themes, from all-day, worldwide bird counts, to gardening with native plants, to introducing a child to the wonders in our public lands. More than 180 nonprofits, public lands, birding clubs, and universities joined with us to help spread the word.

Along with our partners, we started Year of the Bird—but tens of thousands of you carried it to success with your actions each month. During the two Global Big Days organized by eBird, you tallied more than 7,000 of the world’s 10,000 species. More than 55 state and local governments in the U.S. issued Year of the Bird proclamations or declarations. We at the Cornell Lab are grateful to everyone who participated and helped the world become a friendlier place for birds and bird watchers.

Of course, there’s no reason 2018 has to be the only Year of the Bird—every year is a good year to celebrate and build support for birds. We encourage you to refer to last year’s monthly resources anytime you need information or inspiration, in 2019 and beyond. Here’s a recap of all of our Year of the Bird posts:

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American Kestrel by Blair Dudeck / Macaulay Library