Pretty Greeting Cards Warble, Tweet to Readers

October 23, 2009
bird greeting cards that make sounds

A new line of greeting cards lets you send an elegant piece of bird art and bring it to life with accurate sounds of the species on the front. The cards are a collaboration between an English company, Really Wild Cards, and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Each card features a lovely bird painting taken from the Cornell Lab’s own art collection. When you open the card you’ll hear about 15 seconds of calls and song for that species, drawn from our comprehensive archives in the Macaulay Library. At present there are 14 species available (ranging from Common Loon to Yellow-headed Blackbird), with more cards slated for release about every six months.

You can order the cards through the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Sapsucker Woods (or call 877-266-4928). Visit the website to see all the artwork and hear the sounds for each card. A portion of proceeds comes back to the Cornell Lab to help fund our mission of research, conservation, education, and citizen science.

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