Living Bird Winter 2017—Table Of Contents

January 11, 2017
The Winter 2017 print issue featured a special coloring wrap. If you’d like a copy to color in yourself, you can download a blank version as a PDF. Illustration by Brenda Lyons.

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Insects in Summer, Honeydew in Winter: Migrant Birds Change Tastes With the Seasons

Adapted from the book Songbird Journeys, by Miyoko Chu, published by Walker Books
Countercurrent heat exchange: Intricate networks of blood vessels act as countercurrent heat exchangers to heat blood as it returns from the foot to the body. This steep temperature gradient (yellow arrows) reduces heat loss and saves a tremendous amount of energy. Graphics: © Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Adapted from Randall et al. 2002.

How Do Gulls Deal With Cold Feet?

Adapted from The Handbook of Bird Biology
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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