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Have Notebook and Camera, Will Travel [Video]

By Rachel Dickinson

Take a trip around the world with travel writer and birder Rachel Dickinson. Dickinson has spent decades roaming the globe in search of stories. Armed with a notebook and a little camera, she’s written about far-flung places such as Siberia and the Falklands, and places closer to home including the Erie Canal and her hometown of Freeville, New York. She recounted some of her travels in a recent Monday Night Seminar at the Cornell Lab.

Dickinson gave her talk on March 3, 2014. It was part of the Cornell Lab’s long-running Monday Night Seminar series, a long-standing tradition established decades ago by Lab founder Dr. Arthur Allen. If you enjoyed this seminar, check this list for our list of future speakers—we’ll note which upcoming talks will be livestreamed—or come visit us in person! If you missed any talks, please see our index of archived livestreamed seminars.

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