Varied Bunting Identification

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Adult Description

  • Small songbird.
  • Short, thick bill.
  • Male dark, purplish, with red nape.
  • Female dull tan.

Male Description

Breeding (Alternate) Plumage: Blue crown and rump. Reddish purple body. Red nape. Appears dark purplish overall from a distance.
Nonbreeding (Basic) Plumage: Brown overall.

Female Description

Smooth, unmarked grayish brown plumage overall.

Immature Description

Immature of both sexes resembles adult female.
Relative Size

Relative Sizesparrow or smallersparrow-sized or smaller
  • Both Sexes
    • Length: 4.3-5.5 in (11-14 cm)
    • Weight: 0.4-0.5 oz (11-13 g)
    • Wingspan: 8.3 in (21 cm)