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Lucifer Hummingbird

ID Info
Silhouette HummingbirdsHummingbirds
Lucifer HummingbirdCalothorax lucifer
  • ORDER: Caprimulgiformes
  • FAMILY: Trochilidae

Basic Description

The tiny, vividly purple-throated Lucifer Hummingbird is mainly a species of northern Mexico and central Mexico. Where it reaches the United States, in extreme southern Arizona, New Mexico, and west Texas, it's a highly sought-after species among avid birders. Lucifer Hummingbird belongs to a group of hummingbird species called “sheartails,” named for their deeply forked, narrow tail.

More ID Info
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Other Names

  • Colibrí Luminoso (Spanish)
  • Colibri lucifer (French)
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