Harris's Hawk

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Harris's Hawk

Parabuteo unicinctus
  • ORDER: Accipitriformes
  • FAMILY: Accipitridae
Basic Description

A handsome hawk of the arid Southwest, Harris's Hawk is a standout with bold markings of dark brown, chestnut red, and white; long yellow legs; and yellow markings on its face. The most social of North American raptors, these birds cooperate at nests and hunt together as a team. When hunting, a group of hawks surround their prey, flush it for another to catch, or take turns chasing it. This hawk's social nature and relative ease with humans has made it popular among falconers and in education programs.

More ID Info
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Find This Bird

Look out for these raptors on both natural and manmade perches. Harris's Hawks tend to choose perches with a good view of the landscape, so look up. Their dark coloring and predilection to perch in groups will make them stand out from other raptor species in their range.

Other Names
  • Busardo Mixto (Spanish)
  • Buse de Harris (French)
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