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Broad-tailed Hummingbird


IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern

A medium-sized hummingbird of subalpine meadows, the Broad-tailed Hummingbird ranges across the south-central Rockies in summer, with most returning to Mexico and Central America during the colder months. Males make a loud trilling noise with their wingtips and perform spectacular aerial displays that make them hard to miss. To survive the cold nights in their high-elevation habitats, Broad-tailed Hummingbirds can enter torpor, slowing their heart rate, and dropping their body temperature.


  • Calls, wings
  • Courtesy of Macaulay Library
    © Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Chips and chitters. No song used in courtship or territory defense.

Other Sounds

Displaying male makes buzzing trill with wings.

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Find This Bird

Look out for Broad-tailed Hummingbirds at feeders. Listen for the male's loud wing trills as he guards territory around a choice feeder spot.

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