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Meet The 2020-21 Royal Albatross Cam Family

LGL and LGK at their nest site.

Big news! The next Royal Albatross cam season is underway with a return performance from breeding pair LGL (the female, named for her leg bands) and LGK (the male), last seen on cam in 2018-2019. The female laid the pair’s egg on November 7, and it has been identified as fertile by our cam partners at the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC). Tune in live to see these patient parents split duties during a lengthy incubation period (~80 days) as they await the arrival of their chick in late January. Watch cam.

This pair of ocean wanderers has been together since 2017, and in 2018–2019 they were the stars of the Royal Cam, raising their chick Karere all the way to fledging. After their successful breeding season, LGL and LGK took last year off to replenish their energy reserves, a pattern that is typical for Royal Albatross parents. Now these two are fully prepared for the long haul of another 10-month nesting period. Learn more about this season’s Royal Cam family from DOC.

A new season means a fresh view of the Taiaroa Head Nature Reserve’s windswept headland! The camera has been repositioned to feature this new nest for the official start of the season. Be sure to follow the cam on Twitter @RoyAlbatrossCam to get all the updates during what’s sure to be another action-packed season on New Zealand’s South Island.

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