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Fledge Watch 2024: Cornell Hawks Edition

Watch Red-tailed Hawk chick “N1” explore the fledge ledge at the Cornell Hawks nest.

It’s that special time of year! The two chicks from the Red-tailed Hawk Cam are getting ready to take their first flights above Cornell University’s main campus. This past week has featured plenty of edge-of-the-ledge moments, as the nestlings began hopping up on the light boxes attached to the nest site and exploring the far reaches of the platform. As of June 10, the nestlings are 46 and 44 days old, and they could leave any time in the next 72 hours. Be there when the young hawks spread their wings and fly into the next stage of development. Watch live.

Update: N2 fledged on June 10 after 44 days in the nest. Watch N2’s first flight. N1 followed suit a couple of days later, fledging on June 12 after 48 days in the nest.

Post-Fledge Activities: After fledging, the hawks will explore their natal territory for around 6–8 weeks until they are ready to disperse in search of their own territories. During this period, Big Red and Arther will continue to watch over their young and provide them with meals as the fledglings hone their flight and hunting skills. The young hawks may return to their old stomping grounds from time to time, and we’ll hope to follow any adventures that are within the cam’s field of view.

Viewers can track daily updates on the hawks on Twitter/X @CornellHawks.

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