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Find more about Weather in Glenham, NY

Eastern Bluebirds

Glenham, New York

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About this Channel

Hosted by Glenham in Glenham, New York

About the Bluebirds

These Eastern Bluebirds are in a nestbox in a suburban yard. The female laid her first egg on April 19, and the last one on April 23. The eggs hatched on May 9, and after 18 days of nearly nonstop feeding, all five nestlings fledged on May 28 and 29. 

A pair of bluebirds nested in the box for the first time in 2010. In their first nest attempt, they had five eggs, four of which hatched and fledged. After the young left the nest, the bluebirds laid another five eggs and again fledged four young.

In 2011, a pair of bluebirds returned to the same box. It’s unknown whether they are the same two birds. In their first nest attempt that year, all five eggs hatched and the young fledged. Then the pair had another five eggs, four of which hatched and fledged young.

Keep watching to see how they’ll do this year!

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