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Cerulean Warbler


IUCN Conservation Status: Vulnerable

A small bird of the deciduous forest treetops, the sky-blue Cerulean Warbler is hard to see. It nests and forages higher in the canopy than most other warblers.

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Typical Voice

Adult Description

  • Small warbler.
  • Two broad white wingbars.
  • Solidly colored back (sky-blue in male, blue-green in female) with stripes of same color down sides of white chest.

Male Description

Deep cerulean blue above. White throat and underparts. Blue streaking down sides of breast. Dark band across throat. Black stripe into eye, creating a blue eyestripe above. Faint black streaks on back.

Female Description

Bluish-green above. White washed with yellow below. White or yellowish line over eye. Dusky streaking down sides of breast. Two white wingbars. Back unstreaked.

Immature Description

Similar to female. Back gray-green to olive (female) or bluish gray washed with green (male). Prominent pale eyestripe. Dull whitish underparts. Dark ear coverts. Two white wingbars.

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