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Pinyon Jay


IUCN Conservation Status: Vulnerable

A highly social bird of the lower mountain slopes of the western United States, the Pinyon Jay is specialized for feeding on pine seeds. Each jay stores thousands of seeds each year, and has such a good memory that it can remember where most of them were hidden.

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Crows and Jays
Crows and Jays
Typical Voice

Adult Description

  • Large songbird.
  • Entirely dull blue, except for whitish chin.
  • Relatively short tail.
  • Large, pointed bill.
  • Travels in large flocks.

Immature Description

Juvenile uniformly dull gray. Immature similar to adult, but duller.

Range Map Help

Pinyon Jay Range Map
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Field MarksHelp

  • Adult

    Pinyon Jay

    • © 2004 Jay and Kevin McGowan, Montana, August 2000
  • Juvenile

    Pinyon Jay

    • © 2004 Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Arizona, June 2000

Similar Species

Mexican Jay has longer tail, shorter bill, and less blue on chest.

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