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Gray-cheeked Thrush


IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern

Of all the American spotted thrushes, the Gray-cheeked has the most northern breeding range. Consequently this shy skulker of the underbrush is not well known and is rather infrequently seen.

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Typical Voice

Adult Description

  • Medium-sized thrush.
  • Upperparts and tail brownish gray.
  • Plain gray face with some light streaks but no eyering.

Immature Description

Like adult.

Range Map Help

Gray-cheeked Thrush Range Map
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Field MarksHelp

Similar Species

  • Bicknell's Thrush very similar and probably not separable in the field.
  • Swainson's Thrush has similar markings and coloring, but face is buffy and it has a distinct buffy eyering.
  • Veery has similar plain face, but it has only weak spotting and is usually more reddish.
  • Hermit Thrush has distinct rufous on tail and wings and an eyering.

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