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Cinnamon Teal


IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern

A small brightly colored duck, the Cinnamon Teal is found in ponds throughout the American West.


Typical Voice

Adult Description

  • Small duck.
  • Large light blue patches on front of wing, visible in flight.
  • Male has bright cinnamon red head and body.

Male Description

Breeding (Alternate) Plumage: Bright cinnamon head and body plumage. Dark rump, tail, and undertail. Upper wing with light-blue patch with white rear border. Back of wing iridescent green. Eyes red.
Eclipse (Basic) Plumage: Gray-brown overall, with rusty wash. Small white area at base of bill. Eyes red.

Female Description

Gray-brown overall, with small white area at base of bill. Bill dark. Light-blue upper wing patch with narrow white border. Back of wing mostly brown, with little green.

Immature Description

Similar to adult female.

Range Map Help

Cinnamon Teal Range Map
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Field MarksHelp

  • Breeding male

    Cinnamon Teal

    Breeding male
    • Small, large-billed duck
    • Male shows rich, rusty-red coloration overall
    • Black bill
    • Glowing red eyes
    • © Duane and Shirleen Hymas, Ridgefield NWR, Washington, April 2012
  • Female/Juvenile

    Cinnamon Teal

    • Small, large-billed duck
    • Mostly black bill
    • Plain brown overall with scalloped pattern on back and flanks
    • © Nature Kat, Alhambra, California, October 2012
  • Breeding male

    Cinnamon Teal

    Breeding male
    • Small, brightly-colored duck
    • Rich, reddish chestnut body with paler patterning on back
    • Large black bill
    • Pale blue patch mostly concealed on folded wing
    • © Tom Blandford, Patagonia Lake SP, Arizona, February 2012
  • Breeding male and female

    Cinnamon Teal

    Breeding male and female
    • Small, large-billed duck
    • Male shows rich, rufous-red plumage with pale blue patch on wings
    • Female plainer with brown scalloping throughout
    • © Lois Manowitz, Sweetwater , Arizona, March 2010

Similar Species

  • Breeding male

    Ruddy Duck

    Breeding male
    • Bold white cheek patch
    • Black crown
    • "Stiff" tail usually held up at an angle
    • © Roy Brown, Albany, Georgia, March 2011
  • Female/juvenile

    Blue-winged Teal

    • Very similar to female Cinnamon Teal, but colder gray/brown overall
    • Heavier patterning on body and face
    • © Nature Kat, Alhambra, California, October 2012
  • Female

    Green-winged Teal

    • Darker and more heavily marked than female Cinnamon Teal
    • No white at base of bill and no blue patch on wings
    • Smaller bill
    • © Nature Kat, San Dimas, California, February 2012

Similar Species

  • Ruddy Duck, the only other small reddish duck, has large white cheek patch.
  • Female Blue-winged Teal very similar in appearance, but is more grayish brown, and has more patterned body feathers, a more patterned face, and a shorter bill.
  • Female Green-winged Teal is darker brown, lacks white near the base of the bill, has a smaller bill, and lacks the blue wing patch.



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