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Baird's Sandpiper


IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern

The long-winged Baird's Sandpiper prefers drier areas to forage than most other similar sandpipers.


Typical Voice

Adult Description

Small to medium-sized sandpiper. Short neck. Moderately long, slightly drooping bill. Moderately long legs. Long wings extend past end of tail on resting bird. Dark center of rump and tail. Fairly distinct chest markings. Back scaly, with whitish edges to dark back feathers in some plumages.

Immature Description

Juvenile similar to adult, but with more scaly pattern on back.

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Similar Species

  • White-rumped Sandpiper very similar in size, shape, and markings, but is usually grayer, with less distinct markings across chest, less scaly back pattern, and a bold white rump.
  • Dunlin larger and with a more down-curved bill.
  • Pectoral Sandpiper larger, with more distinct chest band, and with two thin white stripes down back.



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