Play Our Weekly Bird Quiz, Now Sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill

March 8, 2012

One of our most popular Facebook posts each week is our bird quiz—and our new sponsor, Bob’s Red Mill, is about to make it even better. Watch the video above to hear Bob himself explain what the Bob’s Red Mill BirdSmarts Challenge is all about.

Each week we post a photo (or sometimes something trickier, like a range map) and ask people to tell us what it is. We give the answer at the end of the day, by which time typically around 250 people have submitted their opinions—sometimes even supplying detailed explanations of their rationale. Some are off base, but even those are educational, and in general we’re amazed at how quickly people converge on the correct answer. It’s partly fun, partly group learning.

And now the quiz  is going to get even more educational—in the sense that it will provide direct resources to teachers and students. From now through the end of summer, as long as we can get 100 people to participate in the quiz per week, Bob’s Red Mill will donate a kit from our BirdSleuth educational program to a teacher or homeschooler. These kits contain information and activities to help students learn about science through watching and thinking about birds.

If you know of a teacher or homeschooler who would like to be entered to win one of these kits, please have them sign up by answering a few questions in this web form. The quiz will happen every Saturday during March (so it doesn’t conflict with March Migration Madness heats), and in April through September will return to its normal Tuesday slot. Thanks to everyone who already plays our weekly quiz, and we hope we’ll see even more of you on Facebook each week!



  • Cheryl

    I just want to participate in quiz. I don’t blog tweet or twitter. So how does one do this the old fashion way on the site that you visited?

  • Francescamaria Puma-Moore

    I do facebook & I have participated in the birdwatch. I am determined to be an ornithologist. I will be doing the courses you offer soon.

  • Junior Barnes

    Hey! I want to do the challenge but I DON’T DO FACEBOOK OR TWITTER! As with Cheryl, how do you do it without FB or Twitter?

  • Laurel

    So “the quiz” is on a social networking page. That’s your choice, of course, but it means I won’t ever get to take the quiz. Fine. Whatever.

    Can you build a slideshow of bird sounds that lets you listen to birds of specific regions? For instance, I took a walk this morning and heard a bird sound I’d never heard before. I’d like to listen to a progression of bird sounds from birds that are found in northern Idaho. Is that on this site?

  • Hugh

    Hi Laurel,

    We hope to build a customizable bird-song player for just that purpose in the near future, but for the time being it’s not an automated process. The best way to do it right now would be to go to our site to get a list of species in your area, then listen to those sounds one by one on our website. Thanks for asking and good luck!

  • Junior Barnes

    BY THE WAY: I was on all about and I clicked the ‘Contact’ button on the right side of the screen. I COULDN’T EVEN DO THAT WITHOUT FACEBOOK TWITTER OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT! Not being able to do stuff without facebook or twitter or somthing is really starting to annoy me. You can do hardly anything without those, and this reall ANNOYS ME!

  • Hugh

    Hi—sorry to hear of your frustration with social media. I just want to let you know that you can use the Contact Us button on our website without being on Facebook or Twitter. You can log in with your username for Google, Windows Live, OpenID, or Get Satisfaction. The point of using already existing account information is to save you the trouble of having to register a separate account with us—while at the same time keeping the spambots from overrunning our site. About quizzes, we’re not trying to disadvantage people who are not on social media, it’s just that quizzes are much more easily set up on Facebook and we have a large number of people who find it convenient to access them there. Thanks for using All About Birds. – Hugh

  • Junior Barnes

    Hey everybody like me that doesn’t have facebook: Just do American Bird Association’s (ABA) bird quiz, NO facebook REQUIRED!
    That is what I will do.

  • Catherine Passmore

    I across the street from a large pond and now have two almost pet ducks who come to my house every day looking for food. Now, the white “aflack” looking white duck has laid 12 eggs near my backyard fence and she and another duck (brown) come and sit on the “nest.” Sometimes the white mama duck is there all day. How long does it usually take for ducklings to hatch? I’d apprec