Pip, pip, hooray!—Bird Cams memorabilia are here

June 28, 2012
A variety of T-shirts is available.

Many of the people following our Bird Cams grew pretty attached to our Red-tailed Hawks and Great Blue Herons. Now that the youngsters are making their first flights into the great unknown, we’ve been getting requests for memorabilia. We’re pleased to announce a few commemorative designs for coffee mugs and t-shirts, including our unofficial “Pip, Pip, Hooray!” motto and several “Hawk Watcher” and “Heron Watcher” designs.

The items feature stills from the nest camera video feeds as well as original designs produced by artists here at the Cornell Lab. They’re available from Zazzle, and if you use this link, a portion of your purchase will go to benefit the Cornell Lab. (Here’s the link if you want to share it with your friends: http://AllAboutBirds.org/camsgear )

These make great mementos of the season or gifts for your favorite hawk and heron fans. You can also find more hawk and heron merchandise at the Wild Birds Unlimited store at Sapsucker Woods, including the delightful “Advice from a Heron” and “Advice from a Hawk” T-shirts.

(Illustrations were created by Reyn Ojiri; graphic art of hawk and heron chicks by Joanne Avila; photo designs by Diane Tessaglia-Hymes. “Pip, pip, hooray” slogan by Gus Axelson. Project management by Alex Chang and Charles Eldermire.)


  • Jan Krueger

    I am wondering what was finally done with the osprey nest at the Dunrovin Ranch in Montana?

  • charles_cornellbirds

    Hi Jan-
    Their two eggs have still not hatched and are not expected to, being way overdue. Though the adults are still tending them, it’s likely they will give up and leave the nest at some point. Although the reason for the eggs’ failure to hatch is unknown, researchers will be looking into whether mercury contamination may have been a factor. Meanwhile, we’ll keep the Dunrovin cam active to see what the adults do.

    We’re also rolling out a new cam from Project Osprey situated in Hellgate Canyon near Missoula, Montana. Their eggs hatched out last week and there are active nestlings and very attentive adults! You can watch it all LIVE at http://www.allaboutbirds.org/mtosprey

    Thanks for watching and see you online!

  • Jan Krueger

    I hope the overseers of this nest do something so the adult pair doesn’t sit there for weeks on end. We had a lonely loon sit on her unproductive nest for so long that we decided it was time to remove the egg so she could get on with her life. It worked and yes, the egg was completely non-viable. It had even started to stink quite badly. And yet she just wouldn’t leave until we acted. A friend of mine watched a mother robin do the same thing but they did not intervene and the mother robin stayed till SHE died.

  • lil

    could you consider making the pip pip hooray on mugs or magnets?