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Where can I find a list of all the birds in the world? And how do I find out a bird’s “official” name? For instance, is it “Canada Goose” or “Canadian Goose”?

eBird is a great place to find out a bird's correct name.
eBird is a great place to find out a bird’s correct name.

Clements Checklist of Birds of the World is an excellent place to find a list of the world’s birds and their official names. Every year the list is updated.

Also check out eBird, where you can find lists of the world’s birds, and keep your own life list. Ebird is a free online resource that keeps track of your bird sightings, and also makes your data about species/place/data/numbers seen available to scientists and birders all over the world.

The American Ornithologists’ Union also has standardized the names of all North American bird species. According to them, the accepted name is “Canada Goose.” If your particular Canada Goose actually lives in Canada, you can certainly call it a Canadian Canada Goose, or a Canadian goose. But that refers to its citizenship, not its species.

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