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Saving Antarctica’s Pristine Ross Sea [Video]

The Ross Sea in Antarctica is perhaps the only remaining marine ecosystem on earth to have escaped severe alteration by humans. Very large populations of several marine species coexist here, including Adelie Penguins, orcas, minke whales, and Weddell seals. But recently, demand for Antarctic toothfish, sold in markets and restaurants as Chilean seabass, has brought fishing boats to this remote region.

In a public seminar, Dr. Grant Ballard of Point Blue Conservation Science (formerly Point Reyes Bird Observatory) described his 15+ years of Antarctic research and the effort to understand the ecology of the Ross Sea, the possible effects of exploitation, and the international effort to declare portions of the Ross Sea a marine reserve.

Watch an archived version of the presentation and Q&A session in the video above.

Ballard’s talk on September 30, 2013, was part of the Cornell Lab’s long-running Monday Night Seminar series, a long-standing tradition established decades ago by Lab founder Dr. Arthur Allen. In 2013, to enable more people to enjoy these thought-provoking talks by international experts, we began livestreaming some of the seminars. If you enjoyed this seminar, check this list for our list of future speakers—we’ll note which upcoming talks will be livestreamed—or come visit us in person! If you missed any talks, please see our index of archived livestreamed seminars.

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