Gallery: The Alala

By Reyn Ojiri
January 8, 2018

Alala illustration BY REYN OJIRI
From the Winter 2018 issue of Living Bird magazine. Subscribe now.

The Hawaiian crow, or Alala, is getting a fresh start with reintroduction into the wild. As an artist on the big island of Hawaii, I take great pride in our native birds. For this piece, I was able to observe the Alala in captivity and paint this solitary Hawaiian Crow looking into the distance, with koa leaves dangling above its head. I used a purple color palette, straight surfaces, and right angles in this painting, because those are elements that don’t appear in nature very often, and I enjoy juxtaposing wild birds with surprising colors, shapes, and patterns. I hope my paintings convey a message of hope—that endangered animals like the Alala can return to nature and coexist with humanity, if only we’ll give them a chance.

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