Gallery: Remembering Ezra

By Christine Bogdanowicz
Ezra the Red-tailed Hawk in flight
Ezra photo by Christine Bogdanowicz.

From the Summer 2017 issue of Living Bird magazine. Subscribe now.

“I’m so sad tonight from my village in France. Everyday life with Ezra and Big Red is a joy of life. Ezra was beautiful, a wonderful male and a great dad. With my pupils, we followed Ezra and Big Red in 2016. They shared a great experience on raptor life. Thank you for this fabulous work and this life sharing.” —Online comment from a schoolteacher following news of the death of Ezra, the male Red-tailed Hawk on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Bird Cams.

Millions of people have watched Ezra and his mate, Big Red, during the past five breeding seasons. An educational panel about Ezra is being planned for the Cornell University campus. The panel will feature the phrase “Look Up!,” one of the favorite refrains of the Bird Cams viewer community. It’s a reminder of the beauty and drama anyone can witness just by looking up to see birds.

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