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From 2013 to mid-2016, Living Bird subscribers received online access to the magazine via a mobile app downloaded from the Google Play or iTunes stores. Beginning with the Autumn 2016 issue, the mobile app was retired in favor of a new mobile-friendly Web version. Subscribers gain access to the stories approximately 3 weeks before the table of contents goes live to the public on our website.

What is the difference between the new mobile Web format and the old mobile app format?

We switched to the mobile Web format for four main reasons:

  • Mobile optimized: the new format automatically adjusts to be readable on any sized screen, from phone to tablet to laptop. Text sizes are easy on your eyes without the need to zoom in; and images automatically scale to make the most of your screen size
  • Video and audio extras: the new format has the freedom to incorporate additional videos, bird sounds, interviews, full-width photo and video banners, outtakes, related articles, and more
  • Save memory on your device: the new format doesn’t require you to download the full issue at once, and the pages are Web optimized meaning that they download quickly even over cellular connections
  • No app updates: now you don’t have to download the app repeatedly for each device you want to read on; and you don’t have to worry about keeping up with app updates. Just open your Web browser to read the issue

As a subscriber, how do I view the newest issue of Living Bird?

Subscribers gain access to the latest issue about 3 weeks before the table of contents goes live on our site. Subscribers receive an email containing the table of contents and links to articles in the new issue. During the advance reading period, you’ll need to access the articles via this exclusive email.

What if I want to read Living Bird without an internet connection?

If you want to read Living Bird without an internet connection, there are several free apps that allow you to save web pages and view them when you’re offline. Two of the most popular include Pocket and Instapaper (here’s a review and comparison).

How can I read back issues of Living Bird?

Bookmark this page to see the latest publicly available issue of Living Bird magazine. Anyone can read back issues of Living Bird via our Living Bird archive.

If I’m getting the digital version of Living Bird, will I still receive Living Bird in print?

Yes. All Living Bird subscribers receive the print edition of Living Bird in addition to the digital version, unless they have specifically requested to forgo the print version.

Can I share articles from this early-access issue with non-subscribers?

Yes. Only subscribers receive notification about the table of contents for a period of 2–3 weeks before the issue becomes public on our site. However, if you share an article’s link with friends via email or social media during this period, they will be able to read the articles.

How do I subscribe to Living Bird?

Become a member of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and receive 4 issues per year of our award-winning magazine. Subscribe here.

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