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Wisconsin Prairie Chicken Festival

April 9, 2022


Every April, the Greater Prairie-Chicken dances at dawn, and typically people can assist researchers by sitting in a blind to watch, and log, the mating of this unique Wisconsin species.

Viewings of Greater Prairie-Chickens will be offered to participants attending the Annual Wisconsin Prairie Chicken Festival on April 9, 2022. The day begins with two offerings at the Paul J. Olson Wildlife Area: viewing Greater Prairie-Chickens on their “booming grounds” or a guided grassland birding tour.

The festival then continues with exhibits and vendors, along with various workshops followed by a locally sourced luncheon featuring a keynote speaker.

Space is limited for some activities! For registration, questions, or comments, please email at wisconsinprairiechickenfest@gmail.com. You can also visit our Facebook site or contact Clean Green Action:  www.cleangreenaction.org.

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