All-New eBird Hotspot Explorer Helps You Decide Where to Go Birding

By Hugh Powell
eBird Hotspot Explorer map
Screenshot of eBird Hotspot Explorer's zoomable map interface.

We’ve just introduced a brand-new way to find birds with eBird Hotspot Explorer. This elegant, intuitive interface presents eBird sightings database in a map-based format. Warmer colors indicate places with more bird species reported, and you can zoom in or search for specific locations. The map updates to show you where people have been finding birds in that location.

eBird Hotspot Explorer is the latest in eBird’s tools that help you make the most of the more than 140 million observations in the growing eBird database. You’ve already been able to see a map of reports for a single species or view bar charts and species lists for a specific area. Now Hotspot Explorer lets you survey the landscape and zero in on the spots or bird species you’re most interested in.

Get the full explanation of the eBird Hotspot Explorer over at the eBird website—and be sure to try it out next time you’re going birding.

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