Purple Gallinule Identification

Adult Description

  • Swims on surface of water like a duck and walks on floating plants rather like a chicken.
  • Dark purple head, neck, and underside.
  • Green back.
  • Red bill tipped with yellow.
  • Light blue forehead.
  • Bill triangular like a chicken's, not flat like a duck's.
  • Legs yellow.

Immature Description

Downy chick is black. Juvenile is buffy tan instead of purple, with greenish back, dull bill, dull blue frontal shield, and yellow legs.
Relative Size

Relative Sizecrow sizedcrow-sized
  • Both Sexes
    • Length: 14.6-14.2 in (37-36 cm)
    • Weight: 7.3-10.2 oz (208-288 g)
    • Wingspan: 21.6 in (55 cm)