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    Osprey Identification

    The Four Keys to ID

    • Size & Shape

      Ospreys are very large, distinctively shaped hawks. Despite their size, their bodies are slender, with long, narrow wings and long legs. Ospreys fly with a marked kink in their wings, making an M-shape when seen from below.

      Relative Size

      Smaller than a Bald Eagle; larger and longer-winged than a Red-tailed Hawk.

      Relative Sizegoose or largergoose-sized or larger
      • Both Sexes
        • Length: 21.3-22.8 in (54-58 cm)
        • Weight: 49.4-70.5 oz (1400-2000 g)
        • Wingspan: 59.1-70.9 in (150-180 cm)

    Regional Differences

    None in North America.