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    Eurasian Tree Sparrow

    ID Info
    Silhouette Old World SparrowsOld World Sparrows

    Eurasian Tree Sparrow

    Passer montanus
    • ORDER: Passeriformes
    • FAMILY: Passeridae
    Basic Description

    Native to the Old World, the Eurasian Tree Sparrow was released into the St. Louis, Missouri, area in 1870, where it became established. Unlike its close relative, the House Sparrow, it has not spread very far from the original point of introduction.

    More ID Info
    image of range map for Eurasian Tree SparrowRange map provided by Birds of North AmericaExplore Maps
    Other Names
    • Gorrión Molinero (Spanish)
    • Moineau friquet (French)
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